Virtual Assistants, Graphic Artists...

You cannot be a Jack of All Trades. After providing virtual assistant services for five years, I realized that it was not cost effective to be an expert in everything.

In 2006, I became specialized in WordPress. Now I am less stressed and loving what I do.

~ Ricki Steigerwald, Owner and Web Technology Expert

Ricki on Catamaran in San Francisco Bay

Partnerships Available

Are you unsure how to setup and customize a look-and-feel that integrates all the WordPress features such as menus and widgets? We have experience taking your design and turning it into a WordPress theme.

Just provide us with your mockup, fonts and color scheme and we will implement a custom WordPress solution for your customers.

Virtual Assistants...

Do you want someone to monitor WordPress backups, website outages, site traffic, and WordPress upgrades for you? We use ManageWP and several other tools to backup, upgrade, and monitor your clients’ sites.

We can assist with selecting and configuring new website features such as shopping carts, event calendars, and membership plug-ins. We also integrate WordPress site with social media sites, email marketing services, and shopping carts.

Let Just2Technical Provide You a Helping Hand

  • Do we work directly with your client or not?
  • Should we continuously maintain the sites or just help out periodically?
  • Do we have direct contact with your clients?

We will work within the boundaries you set. Contact us for more information.