Everything you need to build your online presence.

Workflow Management


We fondly call it the Brain Dump. Using a series of live work sessions, we catalog all your goals, frustrations and ideas.

Access them in the client portal anytime.

Activity Management

Define milestones (or sprints), identify risks, prioritize tasks, estimate work hours and monitor the progress.

We use Agile Project Management.

Process Consulting

Email and task lists are not enough to effectively run a business.

Find the business tools to improve team collaboration and empty your inbox.

Looking to plan your next step?

Every business is different.  Let us help you develop the solution that is right for you.

WordPress Development

One Page Event ~ Online Courses ~ Member Sites


Using your logo and marketing material, we can build a website, email template or social media page to match.

A graphic artist's mockup works too.

Product Assessment

Looking for a particular business tool or web site feature?

We can help you find the one that fits best into your existing tool set.

Content Consulting

Use columns, colored sections, tabs and animated text and images.

Provide us with the page copy and we can help you with the page layout.

Mobile Concious Sites

A responsive theme is not enough.  Mobile visitors will never see your sidebar.

We test every page on the 3 most common screen sizes and make recommendations.

Protected Member Content

Keep it simple.  Buyers access purchased content on one protected page.

Or build a community with e-courses, a member directory, a forum, and more.

Custom Coding

PHP, Javascript, SQL, CSS, XML...

Need a plug-in to communicate with another site feature or 3rd party service?  We can build one for you.

Ready to build a WordPress sites?

Add your copy while we develop.  We can have a site up in as little as a half hour.

WordPress Maintenance

Site Monitoring

We will routinely check site uptime and speed, scan for malware and make sure you are not blacklisted.

Is your site compromised?  We can fix it.

Routine Maintenance

It is important to keep your WordPress software and plugins up-to-date.

Do not rely on automated updates.  If your site breaks, you won't know what caused it.

Content Publishing

Routine publishing of new content is not enough to increase traffic.

Customize the excerpts displayed in search results and on social media.

Let us help you protect your investment.

Learn more about our monthly WordPress maintenance plans.



Let's get together, write down your tasks, expectations and ideas.

After prioritizing the tasks, we will set due dates and get started.



Using your brand, photos or a graphic artist's mock up, the basic WordPress site can be quickly setup.

Interactive work sessions allow us to make changes.



It isn't enough to declare your site public.

We register your site with the search engines, submit sitemaps.

Analytics are setup.




Monitor and Revise

So your site is up and running.  Routine maintenance will keep your site secure.

Use visitor feedback based on analytics, social media activity, tweak your content and write new posts that deliver results.