Client Portal

Just2Technical uses Freshdesk to handle client requests.  Freshdesk allows us to collect requests through a variety of channels, respond to them, track time and add notes for future reference.

New Requests:  Send an email to to open a new request or click on New Support Ticket under the Tickets tab.

View Tickets: Log into the Freshdesk port and go to the Tickets tab to view all your tickets.

New Clients: Contact me to request access to the portal.

Why Freshdesk?  Even for a one-person shop, it keeps me organized and declutters my email box.  Learn more about my choice.

We can meet on Skype, but email me the day before as I do not keep it turned on all the time.  My email address is

Non-Upwork receive invoices within the first 5 business days of the month.  The invoice has a Paypal link in it.  If you know the amount, click here to pay now.

Upwork clients can view their invoices and pay them through at Upwork.