Everything about your Wordpress site from development to maintenance.

Setup a Custom 404 Page

A person clicks on a link in the search results or on a link on another website and they get this 404 error. The person’s next action? Leave. Click the back button. For many folks who browse the Internet often, it is almost a subconscious move when they see 404. There is nothing that entices…

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Speed up your WordPress Blog

Besides content, I think the speed your site loads is the second most important factor in sales conversion.  Yes, content is still king – uhm, queen.  Why? People do not wait for web pages to load.  There are plenty of other sites in the Internet sea. Google uses your site speed as a factor in…

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Can WordPress replace a Yahoo Group?

One of the most requested features by professional associations and businesses building an online community is a WordPress site with the functionality of a Yahoo Group. You an replicate most of the features of a Yahoo Group using WordPress Plug-Ins and AWeber.

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Embedding code and iframes on WordPress

For security reasons, WordPress does not allow you to just embed iframes and javascript code into the editor.  When you save or toggle to visual mode, it removes the code. So how can you add audio and video code to your site and still be able to edit the content?

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How to add AudioAcrobat to WordPress

Working with AudioAcrobat can be frustrating when you have a WordPress blog. You can’t just copy the embedded code into your post as it may disappear when you save or publish your post or page.  WordPress strips <iframe> code because it can interfere from the look and feel of the site. Audio Acrobat wants you…

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