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Setup a Custom 404 Page

A person clicks on a link in the search results or on a link on another website and they get this 404 error. The person’s…

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Speed up your WordPress Blog

Besides content, I think the speed your site loads is the second most important factor in sales conversion.  Yes, content is still king – uhm,…

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Can WordPress replace a Yahoo Group?

One of the most requested features by professional associations and businesses building an online community is a WordPress site with the functionality of a Yahoo…

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(cartoon) world with conversation bubbles above it

Internet Marketing

Find out what people are looking at and clicking on

I am not talking about Google Analytics (number of pageviews and such).  I am talking about heatmaps. I am sure you are familiar with the…

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Twitter Cards. What are they and how do I implement them?

Do you want to have an image and summary appear on Twitter every time someone tweets a url to your post?  Implement Twitter cards on…

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Above the Fold Marketing

Definition: The text, images, and media on a web page that is displayed in a browser without scrolling down.  The term comes from a mass…

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(cartoon) bee keeper with bees swarming around him

Business Tools

Helpscout vs Freshdesk

I am a tiny business of one employee (me) and several contractors who come and go depending on the task or project who benefited from…

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Edit Images without Photoshop

You don’t need to purchase expensive software such as Photoshop for basic image editing such as cropping a picture or resizing it for the web.…

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Website, Cart, and E-Mail – How to Tie It All Together

To sell your product online effectively, you need a website, a shopping cart, an e-mail marketing service, and a merchant account. For an economical solution,…

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Internet Security

Understanding DoS, DDoS, and Brutal Force Attacks

It seems like attacks on websites are becoming more common.  Many times when I notice a site is down it is because of a DoS…

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Increase the security on your Internet accounts. Use Pass-Phrases.

Stop using complicated passwords that you can’t remember very well.  Use a series of random words instead.  They are much more complicated for programs to…

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