100 miles north of Green Bay

Snow is not uncommon
on Easter or Halloween...

Tomatoes ripen just in
time for the fall frost...

Go camping where
your phone can't be reached...

A little tech firm called Just2Technical sits.

When you are in over your head...

Let us help you organize your thoughts and get things done.

The Company

Office Animation LLC (d.b.a. Just2Technical) manages your online presence by

  • developing mobile-friendly WordPress sites.
  • finding the services and plug-ins that best fit you.
  • optimizing posts for search engines and social media.
  • connecting your WordPress site to your social media accounts, email service, cart and other 3rd party services.
  • monitoring your site(s) security and visitor activity.

Office Animation LLC has one primary WordPress developer, Ricki, and contractors.

The History

In 2003, Ricki Steigerwald opened her business and offered virtual assistant services.  She was known as the Time Tamer. 

Other VAs encouraged her to use the skills she acquired working for a large IT firm and focus on technical services such as web design, email marketing, and online stores.

In 2005, Just2Technical was launched.

Trouble tackling tedious tasks?
Talk to the Time Tamer.

Ricki has over 20 years technical experience.

two children in a van with luggage packed to the ceiling behind them.

Step 1: Plan and Organize

New clients come to us with a large number of ideas and tasks.

But where to begin?

Together we will capture the tasks, requirements and ideas.

Prioritize them and complete as many as we can in within your monthly budget.


Step 2: Design and Build

Give us your logo, colors and font.  Tell us what features you want.

Share with us some sites and images you love or your graphic artist's mockup.


We will build a branded WordPress site that looks good on a desktop or a phone.

child with headphones on at the jelly fish display at the Monteray Bay Aquarium

Step 3: Monitor and Revise

After launching, the work is not done.

Control search results and social media links with custom images, titles and summaries.

Prevent site hacks through scans and routine maintenance.

Revise the site based on feedback and new Internet marketing trends.

Everything you need to build your online presence.